A Few Comments from Parents and Students

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We wanted to congratulate you and your team for the wonderful achievement last week, culminating on Saturday night. As this was his first production, we had relatively little idea what to expect. I have to say we were blown away by the degree of professionalism, enthusiasm and acting or singing talent that you were able to bring to the fore in just one week. It was a very impressive performance, and it was a pleasure to see the huge grins on the children's faces as they came running out to join their families at the end of the show, indicating how much they had enjoyed it too.
For the record, we have been firmly instructed by ...... to make sure our summer holidays next year do not prevent his participation.
Parent of student aged 11 (A Musical Baker's Dozen 2007)

He thoroughly enjoyed his week, thank you. Parent of student aged 13 (A Musical Baker's Dozen 2007)

Having not experienced Best Shot before we were all impressed with the professionalism and talent of the production team which you put together to guide these young people through the week and through the performance.  .... had not been on a stage since he was 8, and as you know started out very nervous, so we were delighted with his improvement through the week and with the way the course kept him engaged and interested.  He is very keen to stay involved and I shall be getting an application form for the Saturday sessions off to you shortly as a consequence . Parent of student aged 12 (A Musical Baker's Dozen 2007)

Thanks for this week. I had a great time. Student aged 14 (A Musical Baker's Dozen 2007)

They both really enjoyed being in the show.  I think it was quite a learning curve, but they loved being part of a company for a week, have made new friends and are very keen to do it next summer.  They seem on quite a downer now its all over. Parent of students aged 9 and 14 (A Musical Baker's Dozen 2007)

Thanks so much for a brilliant show, and a brilliant past few years. It's been such a pleasure to work with you. I've learned so much about theatre organisation and acting that I now rely on; it was so much more than just 'doing a drama course'. Student aged 18

Best Shot has taught me so much and I really appreciate your confidence in me and giving me the oppurtunity to learn and trusting me to get on with everything. I love being involved in Best Shot and I will miss it a lot if no one takes it over Technical student aged 17

... thanks for The Greats - I had a fantastic time as usual. Student aged 17

Best Shot has played an enormously important part in the development of my personality and I just wanted to really thank you for creating such a fantastic environment for young people to thrive in. I shall never forget it. Student on The Greats aged 19

Thanks so much for the course last week. It was incredibly enjoyable just as all the summer courses I have taken part in over the last 7 years. It has been truly brilliant working with you and you have been a real inspiration Student on The Greats aged 18

Thank you for last week! I've truly had the time of my life! Student on The Greats aged 17

Thank you so much for last week, it really was wonderful to be able to be a part of the last Best Shot show (especially since it turned out to be such an impressive one). I will really miss doing summer schools, they've been such a big part of my life for so many years now. Thank you again for everything over the past years. Student on The Greats aged 20

Many many thanks for such a wonderful week again! I shall miss it terribly. The last eight years have been amazing and I have made some great friends and gained so much confidence. Student on The Greats aged 18

Best Shot has been such an enjoyable part of my growing up in so many differnet ways, gaining confidence, making friends, and of course realising a love of musical theatre that dominates my life now at university! I can't think where I would be without it but i would be missing a huge passion in my life! You have been such a creative, reassuring, unbelievably hard-working (not to mention patient) presence for all these years, I know i was only around for a chunk of them even though it was 8 years! Student on The Greats aged 20

E ... came home tired but exhilarated this evening. She loves the course Parent of student new student aged 17 at end of first day on course

Everyone who came to see the show said how amazing they thought it was.
Student on The Greats aged 16

I wanted to drop you a note to say how much D ... enjoyed the course. He really had a great time and we thought the production at the end was truly excellent! Parent of student aged 11

Just to say thank you very much for a superb week. D.... and D.... both really enjoyed the course and the show at the end was amazing! Parent of student aged 10

I just want to thank you for putting on such a fantastic show. Parent of student aged 14

How you managed to teach them the whole show, never mind achieve the level of polish you did ,and all in one week !! Parent of student aged 12

Thanks for an amazing show. We loved it,O... thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots. Parent of student aged 10

Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting on the Joseph Production. It was a fantastic night and we all really enjoyed it, grandparents included. Parent of student aged 12

A.... was as high as a kite when he got home Parent of student aged 11

... just wanted to thank you for giving M.... the chance to be in such a fantastic production. Everyone was very good, but I was so proud of M ... Parent of student aged 14

"I was most impressed with the quality of the script and acting - and all the editing and organisation was superb." Film course: Parent students aged 13 and 17

" ...making a film is so exciting" Student aged 16

"The premiere was such a great evening for everyone, and I definitely think
you should do it again when the next film is done." Student aged 15

We had a great evening - it was wonderful to be part of such an event - in
various ways! Parent attending Film Premiere

I think the film was a huge success - I can see that the kids were thrilled
and inspired by the whole process. Parent attending Film Premiere

This will be something they will remember for a long time to come. Took me right back to my youth theatre days of the 1980s! Ex-student and guest of Honour at Film Premiere

What a wonderful evening we all had on Saturday - so enjoyable and so well
organised. Well done! Parent attending Film Premiere

The premiere was fantastic, a great evening, thank you and congratulations on its success. Parent attending Film Premiere

I would just like to say, that I really enjoyed the film premiere! I had a fab time and it was a really good night and I would definitely be interested in doing a film course again. Thank you. Student aged 14

I just want to let you know how much D ..... enjoyed working on Godspell last week, my family and I couldn't believe he stood alone and sang a solo in front of an audience, my, his confidence has come on! Parent of 11 year old 2005

I just wanted to say how much A... enjoyed her week. The performance of Les Miserables was just amazing. The amount of hard work put in by everyone was obvious and the result was a fantastically enjoyable show. Parent of 16 year old 2004

Both have gained hugely from their experience of practising and performing with you and I am both delighted and hugely appreciative Parent of 9 year old and 16 year old April 2004

I have gained so much doing Best Shot and it has made me a better person. Every year I learn something new and every year, my passion for it grows. I have made some great friends throughout the years and have so many great memories. 20 year old student 2003

Many thanks..She had a great time, she was in tears most of the time on Sunday , as " it was all over". A parent of 12 year old on Twelfth Night 2003

Just to say how much we enjoyed the improvisation performance which did credit to Best Shot as well as being good fun! M... reported that Twelfth Night was brilliant. Parent of 15 year old 2003

Thankyou for being such a great coach/ teacher, you have shown all of us how great drama has been. it has increased my confidence so much since i first started six years ago when i was ten. A 16 year old student 2003

Many thanks to you all for another super show. Everyone as ever looked to have had a great week and enjoyed their show. - a parent of 12 year old 2003

I just wanted to say thank you for the great week with you on Annie. I was stunned by the performance you achievedand I know you and your colleagues must have worked extremely hard. She is certainly keen to join you again on another production in the future! A parent of 9 year old 2003

Thanks once again for the fantastic show. A 12 year old student after Twelfth Night 2003

Congratulations on the wonderful productions of Guys and Dolls and Annie. They had such a good time and are sad it's all over. - A parent 2003

Thanks for a very enjoyable Beauty and the Beast and for building her confidence over the last seven productions. I was so impressed - certainly she could not have given such a confident performance when she first came to you. Many thanks for bringing her out of her shell so successfully! Parent of a 15 year old, 2003

Congratulations on 'Bugsy' - it was HUGELY enjoyable! I'd have loved to be able to see it again (or "own it on video" as the advertisers love to say). Of all the five shows she has taken part in with Best Shot this was easily my favourite.- A parent, 2002

I really enjoyed doing 'West Side Story' - can't wait for next time! - A 16 year old student 2002

"...The experience gained at your weekly classes and holiday productions has been invaluable and a source of inspiration in their lives" A parent; ex-actress and teacher, 1999

 "Thank you once again for a really fun week on Honk! I hope to do another course next year as I enjoy them so much." - 15 year old student

 "Just to congratulate you on Company - another excellent production."

 "Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the entire cast, production team and all involved in a superb production of The Accrington Pals We look forward to seeing some of your future productions."

  "Thanks for a great week I really felt we all did so well. And it's all due to your belief in us and your dedication, so thanks. What would we all do without you?"

  "....you have played a major role in their development and opened the door of theatre to them.
The experience gained at your weekly classes and holiday productions have been invaluable and a source of inspiration in their lives."

  "Your consistent warmth, care and respect for your cast members, however young, have been, and still are, comforting familiar factors in their lives and I am deeply grateful for this." Parent of two boys who were in Best Shot for 11 years.

  "Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience to put this whole play together. We are very grateful. All our love" (Card signed by whole cast)

  "... thank you enormously for the wonderful summer school." - Musical Scenes.

  "She has grown in confidence and self-esteem over the last year (and week!) thanks to your drama courses."

  "She loved every minute of the week and we thought the end result was brilliant and such fun. Looking forward to next term's workshops already."

  "... thank you on behalf of us all for all your hard work in putting on both Godspell and Into The Woods. For a week both have talked about drama, and quoted and sung from both shows. They loved both weeks, but in particular Into The Woods. They gained in self-confidence and experience and enjoyed it all. I think you achieved wonders in a remarkably short time."

  "Thanks for all your words of encouragement to him - they reassured him."

 "A fantastic week! I really enjoyed Joseph"

 "Thank you for giving the audience such a wonderful show and the cast such a memorable experience" - A parent, Godspell 1996

 "Thank you again for all your hard work on Find Me - they loved doing it and got such a lot out of it" - A parent, Find Me 1996

 "Thanks for such a great show (again!)" Luke, Chicago 1997

 "I had a wonderful, wonderful week..." Emma, West Side Story 1995

 "...Excellent - How do you do it? The production and costumes were particularly good" - A parent, Aladdin 1997

 "A week of unadulterated pleasure!" A parent, Kate & Sarah, Chicago 1997

 "I learned so much and had a fantastic time..." - Martin, Dazzle 1997

 "...A great knack of making each member of the group realise that they have a contribution to give to the final performance" - A parent, Chicago 1997

 "We were thrilled and impressed by the final result. Many thanks for inspiring the children - they can't wait until next time!" - A parent, Godspell 1996

 "...Thank you so much for all you taught me, and for your patience" - A student, Godspell 1999

 "...very hard work, but exciting and fun..." - A student, Beauty... and Cinderella 1997

 "...simply BRILLIANT..." - Rachel, Musical Scenes 1997

 "Well done again on that fantastic performance - it was terrific!" - A parent, Bugsy Malone 1995

 "Thank you for the excellent production of Godspell... Can't say how much we enjoyed it." - A parent, 1999

 "I had a great time and gained many insights" - Stage management student, Into The Woods 1999

 "Thank you for another great Best Shot week" - A student, Summer Schools 1999

 "Thank you enormously for the wonderful Summer School" - A student, Musical Scenes 1998

 "She has gained in confidence and self-esteem over the last year thanks to your drama courses" - A parent, 1999

 "I loved every minute of it... Brilliant and such fun!" - A student, Musical Scenes 1999


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